Frustrated Friday

Has anyone else noticed a disturbance in the Force lately?  I mean it, Everyone; this week has sucked.

I’ve got this kid who insists on receiving different treatment than everyone else.  He contends that he shouldn’t HAVE to follow the rules, and he takes every opportunity to point that out.  I’m just about done with him.

I’ve got a class full of students who didn’t bother to tell me that the blog post I sent them to (you know; the one with the detailed instructions for what was due today) wasn’t opening properly.  As a result, I’ve got a class full of kids who didn’t do the assignment according to the standards I set up.  That puts us another day behind.

I’ve got another kid who is still not doing the reading, has no interest in participating in the class discussions (even when they don’t involve the reading) and freely admits that her problem is that she has her head up her ass (her words, not mine).  Clearly, her efforts at extraction are not going well.

I’m very, very glad today is Friday.  I’m going to go home this afternoon, do everything I can to hit the reset button, and pray that next week is better than this one was…



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7 responses to “Frustrated Friday

  1. Special treatment kid: what is his reason for assuming he is entitled to this? I have one who says it is because he is a man. (Really? And you’re still in HS – funny) One who says it is because he is a senior. He has figured out he has to come once every 10 days (so they don’t kick him out for lack of attendance) and then he “recovers”. The English teach isn’t following the same recovery policy, so he cannot walk in June. He will have to get his diploma special – when he makes up Senior English (either next fall or on his own dime over the summer).

    I have another who thinks I need to buy him a water bottle because he is not allowed to walk the halls and says the water fountain outside my door is hot (no).

    And another who feels he can come and go as he pleases because of the old razzle dazzle.

    I feel your pain.

  2. Improbable Joe

    Sure, special treatment kid shouldn’t be required to do anything he doesn’t want to. You shouldn’t be required to pass him. See if you can explain to him how that works.

    I so wanted to be a teacher, but it would be about three hours before I started shouting and/or punching kids in the face.

  3. I think every day should come with a big, fat reset button. It would have come in especially useful today when a student, who was discussing language acquisition, said you can tell you’re fluent in a language when you can orgasm in that language.


    At least next week is spring break…

  4. Yeah, Ricochet; our misery is in good company. I kicked entitlement boy out of my room because he can’t be bothered to adhere to my cell phone policy (the one that states that he can’t have a cell phone on him during class; it’s got to live in my cell phone basket). We’re, what? Six weeks into the new semester, and he still doesn’t get this? Yeah… out you go!

    Wanna know what’s even better? He argued with the guidance counselor about it until she finally threatened to kick his ass out of the school (she gave him three options; leave the phone in the basket, leave the phone with her, or take the phone home). Dumbass.

    Joe, I’m not sure he COULD understand that; I’m not the only one who a) he’s driving insane or b) whose class he’s bombing in spectacular fashion. Oh well; he’s making choices… (and, honestly? Some days, it really is a challenge to keep my shit properly packaged; this week was particularly fun…)

    Coach J; BWAHAHAHAHAHA! WHAT?! If you can ORGASM in that language?! SERIOUSLY!? Oh, that’s EXCELLENT! And here, all this time I was thinking one is fluent when one DREAMS in another language. Guess *I* was wrong, huh?

    Seriously. We can’t MAKE this shit up….

  5. Melissa

    Yikes, Chili, that sounds frustrating! Having the weekend to relax should definitely help “reset” your attitude. I was especially amused by the girl who self-diagnosed herself as having her head up her a**. How astute! Now how about doing something about that?

    Something ricochet said jostled an anecdote in my brain that may be worth sharing. A friend of mine used to work with self-contained middle schoolers. One of them was an overage male who had a really hard time with authority figures, and my friend did a little digging with the student to figure out what his deal was. Turned out that at home the student functioned as the head of his family — taking care of his mother and younger siblings, working to bring in money, and making sure bills were paid. In other words, he WAS a man outside of school; whereas in school, suddenly he became a boy that was treated like a child. He was having a hard time with that transition, and his teachers were having a hard time because no one had realized the dichotomy.

    While richochet’s student is likely NOT in this situation (neither are most of my students who pull the “I’m grown” card), the anecdote reminds me that often students play very different roles outside of school…

    • Melissa, thanks for this. I actually sent an email to the guidance counselor to ask her if she knew (or could find out) if there was something going on in Obstinate Boy’s life. She didn’t know, but she said she’d do some digging. There’s got to be SOMETHING; he’s pissing at least 3/4 of the staff off on a fairly regular basis.

    • Reminds me of my Ruby Payne training long ago.

      Kids who have different roles at home have extreme difficulty coming to school and changing roles because it does not make sense to them.

      She deals more with poverty, I have to extra aware of what my students’ home life is like.

      Does your school not have a cell phone policy? Our district policy is easy. Not on during school hours or it can/will be taken up
      Returned to parent upon payment of $10 fine

      Easy cheesy

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