Back at It

For as much as I love being on vacation, I really miss being at work.  I’m pleased to be back in the classroom with my kids again.

I started today with a guest lecturer.  I managed to figure out how to get Carson into my junior-senior English classroom via Skype, and it was about three different levels of wonderful.  The kids (well, most of them) were engaged and participatory, they were thoughtful and perceptive, and the technology worked without a glitch – it was great, and I can’t wait to do it again.  Anyone want to help me teach The Handmaid’s Tale?

We’ve started working on sentences and sentence structure in the grammar class.  I can’t wait to get beyond this stuff and move on to actually writing; I can tell the kids are bored, but they’re also not getting the whole “demonstrate to me that you get it” idea, either, so we’ve got to keep doing it until they get it right.

On Friday, I go to a seminar about slavery in pre-Revolutionary War America.  I’ve still got to figure out what my kids are going to do while I’m gone.  While I’ll miss them, I’m really looking forward to the class; I love being a student.



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8 responses to “Back at It

  1. You have smart students who seem to be open mind and realize that society is not organized in black and white. I enjoyed the meeting and really liked hearing what they had to say. I am not worthy but felt so for a little over an hour.

    • What are you TALKING about? Not worthy?! In fact, I admire the work that you do. You deliver papers at national conferences, for crying out loud! The closest I get to being published is writing on blogs!

      You were wonderful, and I spent the entire hour we had you beamed into my classroom in a sort of geeky, giddy bubble. You challenged them, you gave them new ways of thinking, and you were clear, articulate, and genial. In short, it was about as close to perfect as I could have wished for our first time trying this (next time, I want video so we can all see each other).

      I really (and I mean REALLY) want you to find a job in New England. I think that, together, we’d be educational forces to be reckoned with!

      • Edward Carson

        Thank you. That was a first for me. We must try again. As for New England, we shall see. Thanks for the help on that end. I have some general thoughts on that technology ordeal and hope to write about soon regarding it.

  2. It’s nice to see a teacher embracing technology. A lot of the ones that I’ve interacted with are scared to do anything with it. They’ve got Smart Boards and do nothing but show PowerPoints on it.

    • Oh, I didn’t say I wasn’t scared. We use the WizIQ platform for teaching during snow days (so we don’t have to make those days up in the summer!) and I still haven’t figured out just what the hell I’m doing there. I just, yesterday, signed up for Twitter… I’m still not sure what the heck it’s good for, but my technology guy said I should have it. I still feel ignorant and incompetent around some of the technologies I have available to me, but I know that, like my experience gaining mastery over my blog platform, once I GET it, I’ll love it.

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