Ten Things Tuesday

Five things I have WANTED to say to various people in my professional life, but haven’t:

1.  Please don’t try to bullshit me; I have a very sensitive bullshit detector and besides, you are a rotten liar.

2.  You know what?  Shut up.

3.  You know what?  For a smart kid, you’re pretty fucking stupid.

4.  I don’t care about your lame-ass excuses.  All that matters to me is whether or not you’ve done what I asked you to do; if you haven’t, then just stop talking.

5.  If they can’t be bothered to meet me halfway, don’t expect me to kill myself trying to “meet them where they are.”

Five things I HAVE said to people in my professional life:

6.  You guys; that was a frickin’ AWESOME class.  THIS is why I get up in the morning!  Thank you!

7.  YES!  Good job!  Full credit!

8.  It’s okay if you don’t know the answer; what I’m more interested in is what kinds of questions you think to ask.  Sometimes, the questions are where all the good stuff is, anyway.

9.  Thank you for being here, for doing the job that you do, and for bringing the awesomeness that is you into this environment.

10.  I am so, SO proud of you right now!



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5 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. A friend of mine at work has a nice one for the first half of your list:

    I’d stay and visit longer but I just remembered two things: I hate you and my legs work.

  2. My favorite for the first: Here’s your sign

    Attaboy and attagirl for the second.

  3. Your kid don’t sound that much different from my third graders! I’d LOVE to say some of the things that you are thinking. Instead, I just bite my tongue. Oh, and I go home and drink MASSIVE amounts of alcohol!

    • Your kids…sorry…and I haven’t even had any alcohol tonight, although my sub yesterday apparently let them get out of control after lunch. Two teachers told me what they had seen in my classroom and it wasn’t pretty!!!

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