Quick Hit: This Sucks

School was canceled today on the threat of snow.

It’s 8:30, and there’s not a flake in the air.

I’m having to teach my two classes online this morning, and I hate that.  I mean, I love that we won’t have to make this day up in the summertime, but I really don’t feel skilled enough at manipulating the online platform to make my classes anything even approaching satisfying.




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2 responses to “Quick Hit: This Sucks

  1. We haven’t cancelled a whole day because of threat of snow, but we’ve closed early and opened late. It’s a sure-fire way to prevent snow. Do you have to make it up?

    • WE don’t have to make it up – CHS has a virtual classroom set up that the DOE has approved as instructional time. It occurred to me this afternoon, though, that my KIDS (my biological ones) DO have to make it up, so I’ll get vacation days that they don’t. That is four different flavors of awesome.

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