Leading by Example

I spent part of my day today writing thank you notes to the kids who performed at the book fair yesterday – and to the parents who I knew brought their kids so they could perform at the book fair yesterday.

Thank you notes are such a lost art, and they require so little effort that it kind of astounds me that so few people write them anymore.  They make people feel appreciated, and that spreads a lot of positive energy into the Universe.  I’m all over that.

The notes for the kids are getting handed out in morning announcements tomorrow; the parents’ notes are getting stamped and put in the mailbox in the morning.



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4 responses to “Leading by Example

  1. Beautiful reminder.

    I like the physicality of the thank you notes too, over thank you email. To me, it means more.

  2. Darci

    I wrote Thank you notes to the 2 students who gifted me with Valentines yesterday.

    Important to model what good world citizens look like to the students of today.

  3. Melissa

    I, too, love thank-you notes. I wrote two yesterday — one to my sister, who drove over to my house this weekend after I locked myself out in the snow, and to the kind neighbors who took me in while I waited for my sister, and who gave me tea! 🙂 It makes ME feel really good to write a thank-you note, and I love imagining those positive feelings spreading.

  4. Sandra

    During my first year of teaching, I needed to come up with some way to change my attitude towards my students. For Thanksgiving, I wrote each student a note that I was thankful that he or she was my student and why. Some notes were more challenging than others, but I wrote one for every single student. It did such a good job of softening their hearts as well as mine that I have made it a tradition each year since.

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