Wish Me Luck, Please?

I just postmarked my application for the Teacher Fellowship Program at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum.

I’m not overly confident that I’ll be accepted – the competition is pretty fierce – but at least I got my application in.  I’m sending out all the good vibes I can with it; I really, really want to be chosen for this.

I’ll keep you all posted!



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6 responses to “Wish Me Luck, Please?

  1. Best of luck, good vibes, positive energy — all of it is being sent your way. You are perfect for this!

  2. Applying is the most important step. Yay!

    • It almost didn’t happen. What with the drug bust and all, the principal almost didn’t get to my recommendation letter, and that was the last piece I needed. Got that sucker postmarked practically at the last minute.

      Now, I wait…

  3. Good luck! I know that if you do get it, you will take full advantage!

  4. Rowan

    Positive energy is sent your way. What a blessing for all around you if you are chosen. Hope you are!

  5. Sending lots of good vibes your way. I considered applying, but will have to work on my AP stuff this summer instead.

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