The Native Weed

(Does anyone aside from me remember the bit in History of the World, Part I where Gregory Hines’ character rolls an enormous joint and trails it behind him as he escapes the Romans on a chariot?  All the soldiers are stoned on the side of the road while Hines makes his getaway?  Anyone?)

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(Oh, and just as an aside before we get to what this post is really about, I want to say here that I actively miss Gregory Hines.  Sniff…)

So, TODAY was FUN!

At about ten past eight, the guidance counselor came into my room while I was teaching and asked to see me in the hallway.  This is HIGHLY unusual behavior – so much so as to be unprecedented.  She didn’t say what was going on (and I didn’t ask), but she told me to close my door and not permit any students to leave the room; we were in lock down.

When we were finally allowed to change classes (about 10 minutes late) the kids were told to go DIRECTLY to their next room – no lingering or socializing, no going to the bathroom or lockers.  The second period class wanted to know what was going on, but I had exactly as much information as they did (which is a good thing, I think; it’s HARD to know something and not tell it).

We stayed in second period for longer than usual as well, and were later informed that lunches were going to be eaten in the classrooms the kids were currently occupying.  An adult was posted in the locker room, where no more than four students at a time were allowed to go.  I was stationed as the bathroom guard and front door sentry.

I didn’t find out what was going on until our special staff meeting at the end of the day.  It turns out that a student brought a significant amount of weed to school (though, not being versed in such things, I can’t really say what would constitute a significant amount here.  Let’s just say that the principal said the cop was impressed).  This student’s  first period teacher smelled the herb and alerted the principal, who in turn alerted the authorities.  A number of other students’ packs and lockers were searched after the original kid started telling her story and, by the end of the day, several students had been pulled aside and dealt with.

I’m still unclear about how this is all going to shake out.  CHS has a zero tolerance policy about drugs (as well they should) so we think that the original girl will be expelled, while her co-conspirators will be suspended for varying amounts of time, depending on their level of involvement.  The police are in on the fun; the girl gave up HER dealer, and an investigation is in the works.

Tomorrow is probably going to be a complete wash academically; I’m betting that the kids are going to be distracted and agitated as all hell.  We are, after all, a very small school; literally every kid knows one of the culprits and, to the best of my knowledge, this sort of thing hasn’t happened at CHS before.  My intention is to run my classes as usual, though; I’m neither a drug counselor nor an administrator, and I’m not going to take on the role of either.  I’ve got precious little time with the students as it is; I’m not interested in giving any of it up to the drama.

Right above this will be a private post.  If I know you, I’ll give you the password; email me at mrschili at comcast dot net to request the code key.


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