Ten Things Tuesday

Ten things I want in my classroom (when I get my own classroom, that is):

1.  A pet.  I want to keep something – a fish, a small bird, maybe a hamster or gerbil – but, on a practical level, I’m not sure that I can do it.  Over the course of the next few months, I’ll do some research; I think I’ll end up with a small fish bowl or tank in my room; they seem the easiest to maintain.

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2.  A wooden plaque that says “be nice or leave,” or one that says “manners matter.” MeadMaker has the capacity to rout wood, and he said he’d make me a couple of signs for my classroom.  I’m also thinking about one that says “Wisdom begins in Wonder.”

3.  O’Mama gave me this poster for Christmas, and my sister gave me this one.  Both are getting framed and hung in my new classroom.

4.  I have a collection of cards and magnets from Quotables that I’ve already stuck all over my desk (I’m still looking for the one from Doctorow that says “you can only see as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way“).  They will be given a more prominent place in my new room.

5.  A set of computer speakers.  I bring a LOT of audio files (from NPR, from American Rhetoric, from the BBC…) into my classroom.  Not having to huddle around the computer to hear them would be nice.

6.  BOOKSHELVES! I’ve got a bunch of books that I’ve already brought to CHS, and I’ve got about half a ton more that I want there.  As soon as the deal is sealed, I’m taking a hajj to IKEA and buying myself a couple of nice bookshelves.  CHS doesn’t have a library, per se; I intend to remedy that, even if just a little.

7.  Plants.  I’ve got a bunch of plants that I inherited from my mother that I’m eager to move into my professional space.  I’ve also got a little tree that I’ve been nurturing for a couple of years now that would grow very nicely in those giant windows we’ve got.

8.  Filing cabinets.  I’ve half a mind to move the filing cabinets that we bought at IKEA a few years back into my classroom; the only things in them are papers related to my teaching practice, anyway.

9.  WHITE BOARDS.  I’ve half a mind to put the damned things on as many walls as I can manage (I joke with my kids that my dream classroom would have white boards on every wall so that I could write my way around the room).  I’m betting I’ll only get one, but that should be enough.

10.  A Buddha or a Bodhisattva.  I really want to bring in the Bodhisattva I got from my mom, but I’m not sure I’m willing to risk her being in so public (and therefore, vulnerable) a place.  Instead, I’ll send out to the Universe that I’m opening my space to share with the right statue, and just believe that s/he’ll come to me.



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4 responses to “Ten Things Tuesday

  1. I would so do the white board around the room thing if I had a classroom and the ability.

  2. Bari

    I have the poster your sister got you. I like the other.

  3. On #1, 7, 10: You mentioned that vulnerability is a concern, and it’s one that I’ll confirm. My plants are out of the way enough that they stay generally safe, but many of the other artifacts I keep in the classroom have suffered under curious hands and a failure to respect what’s not theirs. I have had to sand off writing from my wooden rocking chair every year for the past 5! I believe that classrooms should be an extension of the people occupying them, but with that must come the expectation that this is MY house, and you are guests. I don’t crap on your bed; don’t destroy my stuff (and it’s all my stuff).

    You can by white board laminate at Home Depot. It comes in 4’x8′ sheets, and they can cut it to size for you right there. When I first came to my school, the room I used only had chalkboards. I hate chalkboards! So, I installed whiteboard laminate over them. It was great! Now, I’m looking to go the next step and invest in a Smartboard®. Best things ever, those!

  4. Jaqui

    I was going to post a comment about a whiteboard alternative…but wayfarer beat me to it. One tip about the shower boards though–dont use professional cleaners like 409. It strips the finish. I use water or Mr. Clean Magic Erasers (love those things!) or those micro-washcloth thingys.

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