Quick Hit: YOU Do the Math

Do you teachers out there know about this grade calculator?  It’s pretty much saved my life in the Writing Workshop class (where I give quizzes, and Goddess help me, but figuring the percentages for a 12-question quiz near about killed me…).

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5 responses to “Quick Hit: YOU Do the Math

  1. Holy crap, I owe you big time. That is just about the sweetest tool I’ve ever seen. I’m passing it along to all my English teaching buddies out there who suck at math.

    • I mean it – I was at a total loss for how to grade a frickin’ quiz, and I was too embarrassed to ask the math teacher, so I went online PRAYING that I’d find something like this. Since I found it, I’ve sent it to pretty much everyone in my school, and they’ve all told me they’ve bookmarked it…

  2. Jaqui

    OMG Thanks! I normally create an excel sheet to do it for me but this is so much easier!!!

  3. Really, I live to serve. A friend of mine once had a teacher tell her that she wouldn’t share her stuff with her because, she said, “I spent thousands on my education; I’m not going to give it to you for free.” Yeah; not so much. I think of my teaching practice as entirely collaborative; if I find something good, I send it along. It’s sound teaching practice, and it’s good karma.

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