How to Make Mrs. Chili Very Happy

Send her free books!

My dear friend Sooza is an assistant director for an organization that coordinates grant-funded teacher education seminars. She and I were talking about this job and all of the wonderful opportunities it presents (both for her and for the people who get to take advantage of the programs) and I asked her whether there were a similar outfit operating in my neighborhood. Not only did she tell me that there is, in fact, a sister organization here, but she was pretty sure it was coordinated by someone I already know.


I sent Joe an email on Thursday asking if he remembered me (and dropping a couple of names (yours and Bowyer’s, Falcon), and inquiring about the program. I acknowledge that it’s aimed primarily at history teachers, I told him, but would there be space for an English teacher who finds herself, as a consequence not only of the material she teaches but of her ethics as well, teaching a hell of a lot more history than she ever imagined she would?

He DID remember me and told me that a new workshop was opening up THAT DAY (Goddess, but the Universe takes good care of me!) and that I would be more than welcomed to join them. He commented on the depth of inter-disciplinary work that I do in my English classes and said that he expects I will find the workshops incredibly useful.

I’m beyond delighted by this whole thing. Not ONLY do I get to go to some pretty intellectually rigorous seminars (taught by professors from Local U.), but they’re free. Better than that? They send me BOOKS! ALSO for free! More than THAT? They pay me $75 a day AND they cover the cost of my subs for the two days (one a month for two months) that I’m out! It’s like presents from the Goddess of Geeky Teachers!

I am very, VERY happy!



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3 responses to “How to Make Mrs. Chili Very Happy

  1. Dude… can you hook me up? 🙂 My kids are always “complaining” that my class is supposed to be an English class, not a history class… silly kids.

  2. English is the portal. Trying to slice up subjects in a sanetized way is silly.

  3. Glad Joe helped you out. He’s a great guy, isn’t he?

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