Daily Archives: January 14, 2010

I LOVE My Readers!

You guys are awesome! You’ve given (and continue to give) me a ton of really wonderful ideas for books to offer my English students at CHS, and I’m grateful and excited and, well, I just love you guys.

The latest news is that it looks like I will be taking the senior English class next semester. That’s a good news/bad news proposition in that I really want that class (and I’ve been approached by several students who will be taking English next term who say they want me to take it), but it’s bad news in that my taking it means my taking it away from my colleague. I’m not exactly sure how that’s going to go, but it’s not my decision to make, so I’m just going to follow the flow.

I also had a meeting with Carrie, the school’s principal/director, the other night and we decided that the English classes will be planned according to the year-long theme that CHS chooses as a focus for the entire school. Next year’s theme is “coming of age and self-identity.” We know for sure that Alice in Wonderland will be a centerpiece of the year; Carrie wants desperately to do a production of Alice with the Theatre Arts group.

SO! You’ve all given me such great ideas for books in general; now tell me what books you’d consider must-reads for next year’s theme, please!


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