Quick Hit: The Raven

I’m continuing a poetry unit with my I/II kids (don’t even get me started on the Poetry Out Loud debacle. I’ll write more about that later). Yesterday, I assigned them the reading of Poe’s famous poem. Along with that, I posted links to both a video clip of the Simpson’s Treehouse of Terror episode that features The Raven and of James Earl Jones reading the entire poem.

Two students left comments on our website about the assignment last night. One said that I was awesome for letting them watch The Simpsons (really, Honey? You haven’t noticed by now how awesome I am?) and the other, in response to the James Earl Jones reading, commented “OMG! It’s MUFASA!”

No, Sweetie; it’s Darth Vader

He’s a very talented guy.



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10 responses to “Quick Hit: The Raven

  1. I love the “You haven’t noticed by now how awesome I am?” part. Because it’s so true! ๐Ÿ˜›

  2. Melissa

    Love this!

    Surely you’ll post these links for us, too, right? Right? ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Melissa

    I searched Youtube and found a great audio clip of this episode – having never watched much Simpsons, this was a great discovery! I would love to see a proper video clip, though.

    That search led to many other great discoveries – like James Earl Jones and Danny Glover reading excerpts of Frederick Douglass that I would LOVE to share with my English III students. But that brings me back to the perennial question: how CAN I share it with them in class? Youtube is blocked at school, and their videos cannot be downloaded. Do you have any suggestions, Chili?

  4. Here’s the link to the Simpson’s episode. It’s got subtitles, but the audio is in English.


    Here’s the Youtube to James Earl Jones reading The Raven:

    (and just as an aside, the Simpson’s is narrated by Mr. Jones, as well. He’s PERFECT for the part.

    Melissa, this is how *I* do it; I run the whole YouTube in a browser window on my laptop at home (or wherever YouTube isn’t blocked). Once the video runs, it stays loaded in my browser window, so all I have to do is bring my laptop in, hook it to a t.v. or projector, and hit “play” again. Give that a shot and see if it works.

  5. He’s Darth Vader. He’s Mufasa. He was the voice of CNN. He’s Thulsa Doom from “Conan the Barbarian,” King Jaffe Joffer from “Coming to America,” and Terence Mann from “Field of Dreams.”

    The one I can’t believe you missed, though, is that he’s Admiral Greer from…

    (wait for it…)

    “The Hunt for Red October.”


  6. “JEEZUS, Jack; ya look like hell!”

    My first meaningful experience with James Earl Jones was on Sesame Street when I was four or so. My adoration for him has not ebbed one tiny little bit since then.

  7. bev

    James Earl Jones also stutters. He originally took acting lessons to overcome his stuttering, but he says he still has some issues with it. Hard to believe.

  8. Wilson

    The Raven has always been my favrotie poem ever since we watched the Simpson’s version in fourth grade.Somthing about hearing it and seeing it really opened my eyes to the beauty and horror.I’m a huge Poe fan now and always will be.

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