Quick Hit – Advice

I’m putting together a syllabus for my Film and Literature course at CHS, and I’m considering a question I don’t trust myself to answer on my own.  Tell me, friends and colleagues; do you think that teaching both the novel and the film of Stephen King’s The Green Mile is junior-senior high school appropriate?



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3 responses to “Quick Hit – Advice

  1. I haven’t read the novel, or seen the movie in quite a while, but from my memory, I think it would be okay. Although it is rated R, right? In my district, we’re not allowed to show R-rated movies without permission from the superintendent. So…I guess it depends on your school’s regulations?

  2. Oh, I’m going to have to send home permission slips for just about everything I want to show, anyway, Teachin’. Even if I didn’t HAVE to, I still would; I’m very fond of covering my pretty little butt… (okay, so maybe it’s not so little, but still; my point stands…). I saw most of the movie the other night on AMC, and I loved it (again). I guess I’m just wondering whether MY standards for appropriateness are at least somewhat in line with what other people think, and I’m looking to see if anyone raises a ruckus about the story before I put it on my syllabus.

  3. I haven’t read the book; I remember the movie as being pretty disturbing (but profound). I doubt it’s more violent/disturbing/whatever than other stuff I saw/read in high school, though: The Lottery (read it as a freshman, and it wasn’t a good thing) and Last of the Mohicans (film).

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