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A Call for Suggestions

I’m spending at least part of my holiday break putting together syllabi for classes that I might be asked to teach next term at CHS (such is the joy of being a teacher in a poorly-funded charter school!).  So far, Carrie has expressed an interest in my teaching either English III (which is the least likely option, as the class is probably going to the other English teacher, but it may still land in my lap), a Film as Lit class (which I can pretty much do on the fly), or a Short Story Reading and Writing course (which is what I’m asking about today).

I’ve got the syllabus for the Short Story class pretty much fleshed out – all, that is, except for the actual stories.  I have a set of good objectives, I’ve got a lot of the foundational, “elements of fiction” bases covered, and I’m pretty clear about the path we’ll take through the writing process.  What I DON’T have is experience sufficient enough with short fiction to know which stories are, you know, good.

So, Dear Readers, I’m asking for your input.  Give ms some of your favorite short stories, and so much the better if you’ve got them in PDF format or as links online somewhere; remember that I have exceedingly limited book access at CHS.

Aaaaannd, GO!


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