I just hit “submit” on the final grades for my Local U. class!  WOOT!  Another semester in the can.

I’m so relieved.



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4 responses to “DONE!!

  1. magicalmysticalteacher

    Your relief is well-earned. Enjoy the breather!

  2. Congrats! Love that feeling! The university grades stress me out… I am always so nervous about making a mistake. The graduate students are VIGILANT and NIT-PICKY, I tell ya!

  3. drtombibey


    I hope you and all the chilis have blessed holiday.

    My book is under review by seven publishers with no rejections from them yet, so we’ll see. I always remember your early words of encouragement.

    When you go back to work, tell your students Doc said work hard, listen to the teacher, and keep the faith. My post today is all about never giving up.

    Dr. B

  4. Yes, but were you assigning homework and doing class assignments this week? Or final exams?

    My idiot English Lit teacher held “classes” this week, and hasn’t bothered to get our grades together. She not only wasted our time assigning homework that’s not actually going to be graded, she’s wasting her time by not grading our assignments so she can be done in a timely manner.

    You’re not an idiot, so your grading is done. You could come down here and smack my teacher with a book.

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