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Snow Day!

Yesterday was our first snow day here in my neighborhood.

The city’s public school system has a spiffy new phone message alert program that calls all the families and lets them know that school has been canceled.  I hate it.  My phone rang at frickin’ FIVE THIRTY in the morning.  My alarm rings at ten to six.  I NEED those twenty minutes, y’all!  Besides, I much prefer my method of nudging my husband and having him open his laptop to the school closing page on the news station’s website – it’s MUCH quieter.  Of course, I REALLY preferred touching an icon on my iPhone and checking the closings, but the damned news station changed its website (ironically, to make it work for iPhones, but now it doesn’t work for mobile devises at all.  Whatever).

ANYWAY, I didn’t start this post to complain about the how we find out that we have no school.  I started this post to brag about what CHS is doing to make sure that we get credit hours during snow days so we don’t have to go to school in July!

The tech guy (LOVE HIM!) at CHS decided that, as part of his Master’s project, he would implement a system by which CHS students could attend virtual classes on days when the building was closed, whether for snow or lack of heat or insect infestation (I guess that was a problem last spring.  Ewww…).  He researched a bunch of online class platforms, decided on one, and got the whole school up and running.

We had a trial run a few weeks ago – that class made up for a day we missed in October because there was no heat in the building – and it went pretty well.  Yesterday was the first spur-of-the-moment class, though; school was canceled at 5:30 in the morning and the kids were expected to show up for online classes according to the schedule we’d handed them when we implemented the program.

Overall, it went pretty well.  The biggest problem I ran into was that I gave the kids MY log in address by mistake, so whenever someone new came to the class using the link I gave them, the system kicked ME out because the kids were coming in on my address and the class wouldn’t let “me” in more than once.  We fell back on a plan B that had us all meet on our website, though, so it all worked out in the end.

I am proud of my school for being on the leading edge of this wave; we’re the only high school in the state (so far) that is making use of this technology, and it’s pretty cool to not only be able to save ourselves having to make up the snow days in the pretty weather of spring, but also to be able to teach class in my pajamas!


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