Quick Hit: Words Fail Me

I’ve got this kid.

I’m astounded by how completely fucking clueless kids can be. This kid chose to answer this question:

For homework tonight, please go online and find two “rants,” one with which you agree and one with which you don’t; think about people like Dennis Miller, Keith Olbermann, Glenn Beck, George Carlin, Rachel Maddow and the like. You may also find blog posts or letters to the editor if those suit you better.

For each of the two presentations, write at least a page in which you critique the argument being made. What is the author’s purpose for the rant (what is he or she trying to accomplish)? Who is the intended audience? Are you a member of that audience and, if so, how does that affect the way you feel about the piece? What specific tactics does the author use to get his or her point across? Are they effective? Why or why not? How does the author introduce the topic, characterize the opposition, support his or her claims, and conclude the piece? Finally, what emotions or attitudes does the piece leave you with? Do you have unanswered questions or concerns? What could the author have done differently to make the piece more effective and/or convincing.

with this response:

Watching glen beck’s psycho, brain losing, crack induced, rant, he was FLIPPIN OUT on a lady calling and trashing him on health care and he yells swears and freaks out and calls her a f’n pin head.



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7 responses to “Quick Hit: Words Fail Me

  1. Maybe it’s a sign that it’s a poor answer when it’s shorter than the question …

  2. I’ve got a class full of that kind of answer. I so feel your pain – you have no idea how much I feel your pain. What does it say that I read the kid’s answer and thought, “She’s so lucky. At least this student wrote something other than ‘IDK.'”

  3. Wow. That’s all I got – just WOW!

  4. That’s all he wrote? What part of “write at least a page” did he not understand? FAIL!

  5. Improbable Joe

    One page from a really tiny notebook? Or are the kids submitting their homework by way of Twitter? Kids today are so stupid and lazy that it is starting to break my poor brain!!!

    All you have to do it this: “What is the author’s purpose for the rant (what is he or she trying to accomplish)?”–The author’s purpose is…

    “Who is the intended audience?”– The intended audience is…

    When you are blessed with a teacher who tells you exactly what she wants, it is a damned shame to ignore that and just write whatever.

  6. I’m appalled. Not surprised, just appalled.

    Your assignment was certainly clear enough the way it was, but I’m curious how many kids did not follow the directions and address each question you posed. Was it just this kid or were there many who couldn’t respond to each point?

    I’m thinking of possible solutions for you and am wondering how rampant this problem is…if there are many kids who didn’t meet the requirements, you may want to put the questions in list form instead of paragraph form. You should not *have* to do this, and it kind of takes away from the concept of a coherent paragraph…but if bulleting the points you want kids to cover will help them complete the assignment successfully, it might be worth trying until you can gradually build them up to paragraph-long directions.

    Sigh. We definitely feel your pain. 😦

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