JUST the Boost that I Needed

It’s been a rough couple of days for me professionally, so when I found this in my inbox this morning, I nearly wept.

Sometimes, the positive reinforcement comes at exactly the right moment.
Dear Mrs. Chili:

This may be corny, but I have unfortunately never been a fan of English, it wasn’t until my senior year in high school that I had a teacher that actually got me to enjoy English.  I just want to say that, keeping in mind this will probably be the last English class I ever take, it has been one of my favorite classes, along with my favorite English class ever. The way you conduct class, allowing us all to interact and be comfortable in doing so, gets the “job” done in a manner that not many teachers have the ability to do, and I admire you to a great extent for that. It is very enjoyable to come to class; in fact, I call my mom just after every class as I feel it is so refreshing that I have found a new enjoyment in a subject that I never was interested in. So though I have never expressed something like this to a teacher before, I just felt the urge to tell you how much I am enjoying class and I MOSTLY wanted to thank you for that. I don’t have the steadiest background, and coming back from two weeks at home, tonight’s class completely brightened my mood; as I sit here it is just nice to think about the fact that we have such a welcoming and delightful class and I realize it may be the little things such as a class that make us happy in our days.



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3 responses to “JUST the Boost that I Needed

  1. sphyrnatude

    this is why teaching is so wonderful….

  2. It’s a fucking roller-coaster ride, Sphyrnatude, and while I’m not overly fond of roller-coaster rides in real life (that’s Mr. Chili’s thing), I can’t say that I dislike the ride that is my chosen career…

  3. I keep a file of old letters, notes, cards, emails, etc in my desk for those tough days. I pull it out when I am having one to remind me that I love this. For me, its usually not students that make my days tough. You are a great teacher. That is clear.

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