Quick Hit

Holy shit.

In the past two hours, I’ve gotten no less than five – FIVE! – emails from students and colleagues telling me that they’re sick, sick, sick.

Gird your loins, Everyone!  It’s not coming; it’s already here.


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(Now I’m going to go figure out a way I can leave the house wrapped entirely in plastic…)



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6 responses to “Quick Hit

  1. It was rampant in our schools last May, and it’s been going around again for the past 6 weeks or so. Three of my kids’ teachers were out last week, and now my boy has a 101 fever (in spite of having both flu vaccines). I am hoping he just has a run-o-the-mill virus.

    I hope you don’t come down with anything yucky!

  2. Trey was sick on Wednesday and Thursday. I just read a conspiracy theory piece that said that this December is going to be absolutely deadly.

  3. mccgood

    I think it’s starting to hit our child care center. I am nervous I am not going to lie. I clean like mad and wash my hands like crazy. However I think the scariest thing of all is when one of students in the after school program was surprised you actually recovered from this new version of the flu. ” you mean you don’t die?” *sigh*

  4. twoblueday

    Just figure out a way to breathe with that plastic wrapper!

  5. It hit us about a month ago.
    Our district was running about 8% absent each day.
    We have nearly 60 thousand students I think. 8% out per day is a pretty huge number.

  6. Redroach, we have 80 students total. We had 24 out on Friday. Mr. Chili figures that at 30%. Holy shit.

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