“Dumb, Not Dangerous”

I have this kid…*

Using teenage logic to come to her conclusion, this kid has decided that because I don’t put up with any of her antics, idiosyncrasies, or blatant lack of courtesy, that I “have it in for her.”  As a consequence, each interaction I’ve had with this child recently has become increasingly adversarial.  The last encounter I had with her involved my calling her out (privately, I might add) for being disrespectful to another student – and me – by barging in on a conversation we were having to demand a piece of information she was missing.

It seems that this was enough to push her over her proverbial edge, and she went to her computer and left a comment that essentially stated her intense dislike for me (“hate” was the word, I think, and she made sure to distinguish me from my colleagues, just so she was sure everyone knew who I was without using my name) and that she wanted, in essence, to execute me.


I would never have known about the stupid Facebook crack had it not been for some other students – who are ‘friends’ on this kid’s profile – seeing the comments and bringing them to the attention of the people whose job it is to handle such things.  One of those people is Carrie, the director of the school, who informed me that while it’s a situation that certainly needed to be dealt with directly and sternly (this isn’t this kid’s first experience posting inappropriate things about her teachers on her site), it was something I really needn’t worry myself over; in her words, the kid is “dumb, not dangerous.”

There were meetings, there was a discussion, I don’t feel anything was really solved.  Her defense was “I didn’t mean anything by it” and “I guess some people on my facebook page take things too seriously,” so my thinking is that she still doesn’t get the depths of inappropriateness she’s plumbed (and, not for nothing, this seems to be a pattern in my life, with the apology that actually blamed me for being rude…).  It will be interesting to see how she is in class going forward.


*Chili’s note; I’ve decided I’m going to begin all posts of this kind with “I have this kid…” because it makes my sister laugh.



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5 responses to ““Dumb, Not Dangerous”

  1. Teenage arrogance never ceases to amaze me. If nothing else, you have made an impact on this child. Hopefully, she will be able to recognize the value of the lesson in the future (but I’m pretty sure that’s not going to be happening NOW).

    There’s a positive aspect in that other students in the school seemed to recognize the inappropriateness of the Facebook comments, and their responsible response (argh, couldn’t help that!) says something about whatever the school is doing to teach kids to report that kind of behavior.

  2. Improbable Joe

    The kids sometimes don’t understand ANYTHING… the sooner they get their asses kicks in a meaningful way, the better chance there is that they will learn from it.

  3. Organic Mama

    You must be getting through to her, and she hates IT. Sorry to hear you’ve got stress with this kid and others – sounds like a bit of uphill battle with the kids until they figure out you’re serious and will take no shit.

  4. I’m guessing this was “Lisa”?

  5. Stumbled across your blog looking for a lesson plan on Ol’ Ironsides . . . I was depressed because my advanced class is reading The Scarlet Letter and on their first assignment, one of my girls had copied off another – I gave them both zeros. She then asked me about it in front of the class and declared me “Stupid for giving me a zero.” ugh. Great blog!

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