Grammar Wednesday

Kiku (who, if s/he has a blog, didn’t leave the link, so I can’t send you there) asked this of me in a comment recently:

What about ‘people’ vs ‘peoples’?

I’m answering this off the top of my head (which is my way of saying that I might be full of shit here) but my take on this is that when we use the term “peoples,” we’re talking about distinct groups within a designated area – the indigenous peoples of North America, for example.  To me, this is different from saying “the indigenous people of North America” because that fails to make the distinction of those people being associated with separate groups, tribes, or nations within the area in question.



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4 responses to “Grammar Wednesday

  1. Denever

    Psst! It’s “indigenous.”

  2. DAMMIT! I wrote this while I was hopping mad at my first period class (you’ll be able to read what that was about tomorrow – come back and check) and, well, clearly I wasn’t paying attention. I’m going to fix it now – thanks for the catch…

  3. Darci

    exactly – similar to fish vs fishes.

    And I can’t wait for tomorrow.

  4. twoblueday

    I thought it was “igneous” people(s), or maybe “indignant.”

    I like the modern usage: “Okay, peoples, listen up.”

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