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Progress reports at CHS are done in a narrative format: we’re to write a paragraph for each student stating whether they’re passing or failing the course, then write a brief explanation of our experience of that student in our class.

I have had to write an awful lot of “failing” narratives so far, so imagine how thrilled I was to be able to write this one:

Gary delights me.  He is quiet more often than he’s not – though his is always attentive – but when he chooses to speak, he buzzes with a kind of enthusiasm that’s absolutely infectious.  He grabs on to ideas that are new to him with a tenacity and energy that I find professionally exhilerating, and I’m watching as he’s making new connections and finding his way into an academically inquisitive and mature self.  He needs a fair bit of work in his writing practice, but I have no doubt that he will find greater facility in his writing as he finds greater expansion and ease in his thinking, and he is well on his way to those.

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