I love my job.  I think, by now, that much is clear.  One of the contributing factors to my adoration of my current situation is the fact that nearly all of my coworkers Rock.  My.  World.

I belong to an exceedingly small staff (we are ten including me).  Of my nine coworkers, I have regular contact with six, and I think that five of them are, to use the current parlance, fucking awesome.

One gentleman in particular works for me.  He’s the kind of person I really admire; he’s smart without being haughty, he have a very clear understanding of his job and the responsibilities it entails (and, you know, he does it), he doesn’t put up with any nonsense from anyone (and I mean anyone, from the kids to the board of directors), and he’s not afraid to call bullshit when he sees it.

We get along swimmingly.

The other day, he sent this to the entire teaching and administrative staff, and I took it as yet another sign that this guy and I are vibrating at the same frequency.



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  1. successwarrior

    Love it.

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