Another Theme?

I’m seriously considering starting up another regular theme, but I can’t come up with something clever and alliterative to call it.

In essence, what I want to do is to post bits of beautiful writing. Every once in a while, I come across a group of words in my reading that just resonate with me; language so beautifully crafted and evocative that I go back and read it again, just to savor the sound of it in my mind. I can’t call it “Fabulous Fiction Fridays” because the words I find are not always fiction. “Wonderful Words on Wednesday” would bump Grammar Wednesday to a new day, and we can’t have that!

Hmmmm. Perhaps I need to lighten up a bit, give up the alliteration, and just post the damned things whenever I find them, huh?

Okay, then; here is my latest find, from I Know This Much is True by Wally Lamb, page 47:

When you’re the sane brother of a schizophrenic identical twin, the tricky thing about saving yourself is the blood it leaves on your hands -the little inconvenience of the look-alike corpse at your feet. And if you’re into both survival of the fittest and being your brother’s keeper -if you’ve promised your dying mother- then say so long to sleep and hello to the middle of the night. Grab a book or a beer. Get used to Letterman’s gap-toothed smile of the absurd, or the view of the bedroom ceiling, or the indifference of random selection. Take it from a godless insomniac. Take it from the uncrazy twin-the guy who beat the biochemical rap.

Isn’t that just gorgeous?



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3 responses to “Another Theme?

  1. Well, it looks like you’re choosing little bits, rather than big long things, so perhaps Marvelous Moment Mondays? (Or Terrific Tidbit Tuesdays, for that matter.)

  2. Just call it Thirsty Thursday. I think this is a great theme idea, by the way.

  3. twoblueday

    The quote didn’t really resonate for me, and I found it structured awkwardly. I’m not quibbling — I think it’s pretty much the same deal as liking fudge with nuts, or liking it without nuts. A matter of taste.

    I find that second person usage which starts the quoted passage to be awkward in virtually every context, including the quote.

    Parbly it’s just me.

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