Why Is It…

…that I begin every new unit by staring at my blank lesson planning sheet, completely unable to come up with a single intelligent thing to think about what I’m going to be teaching?

I do this even though I KNOW that I have veritable wealth of information and resources – that I’m not going to be at anything even resembling a loss for avenues of investigation; in fact, I’ll probably find myself with too much to try to cover – but still I feel paralyzed by the nothingness in my brain…



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3 responses to “Why Is It…

  1. successwarrior

    Cuz you have so much info to pass on that you’re looking for the best info to pass on?

  2. successwarrior

    Completely unrelated but from a previous topic somewhere:

    One of my instructors sent out an email to students letting us know that text-message-language was not appropriate for college-level discussions.

    Ya think?

  3. You know what, SW? Don’t EVEN fucking START with me about the text-speak. You would not believe the emails that I get from students. In fact, if I were not the recipient of such communications, I would not believe them myself.

    I was grading short essays from my college students this afternoon, and came across more than a few bits of text-speak. I don’t discount it as a dialect; it evolved the way it did for a reason, and it’s useful in the context for which it was created, but that context is NOT – let me repeat that, IS NOT – the college essay (or, for that matter, ANY correspondence with your ENGLISH TEACHER)! GAH!

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