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Grammar Wednesday

Hey!  Remember Grammar Wednesdays?  It’s been a while, I know, but you remember them, right?

I woke this morning, eager to start my first day of teaching high school, when it occurred to me what day it is!  I’ll write about first days tomorrow; today, you get a GW post.

I took this picture MONTHS ago and have been dying to post it ever since.  It’s a sign on the gas pumps in a station conveniently placed between my house and my mother’s (so, as a consequence, I was there a fair bit), and it bugged me every time I stopped to fill up.  Seriously; it’s straight out of the Department of Redundancy Department:


Really; if people would just READ things out loud before they print them (or, at the very least, before they publish them or post them prominently in public places), so much of this could be avoided…

Perhaps next week, I’ll write about how I’m trying (with varying degrees of success) to become a reformed Grammar Nazi…

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!


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