Aaaannd, GO!

Classes begin at Local U. tonight (well, technically, they begin today, but I’m only teaching in the evenings…).  I’m feeling pretty good about getting back in the classroom – in fact, I may be a little giddy at the prospect – so, despite the tiny, and entirely expected, twinge of nervousness that comes with the first class of a new semester, I’m eager to get going.

My first class will likely not run the whole class period (I’m teaching from 5:40-7:00 on Mondays and Wednesdays – had I mentioned that already?).  We’ll mainly just go over the syllabus, which I need to pick up from the English Department office this afternoon; by the time I get to school for my class, the office will be closed and there’s little that’s more frustrating than seeing a pile of photocopies you need for your class sitting in a nice, neat stack behind a locked door.

I’ll probably get the students to do a little non-threatening writing – tell me about your strengths and weaknesses as a writer, tell me what your first day of college classes has been like, that sort of thing – and will make a concerted effort to know all 25 of their names by the time I cut them loose for the evening.

I’m expecting that none of them will have their books, and I think that won’t be a problem as I’m expecting the textbook rep to come to class on Wednesday to explain how the online writing lab works, then we’ve got Monday off for Labor day – that’s plenty of time for them to get themselves to the bookstore (or for Amazon to deliver).

I’m feeling pretty confident that this semester is going to go well.  I really enjoyed teaching freshman writing last fall; I see no real reason why this semester should be any different.


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