Grammar Wednesday

Today’s public grammar gaffe is brought to you by Alan of Success Warrior.  He sent me this last week from his cell phone with a note that the poster was designed by the marketing division where he works, and he’s pretty sure they’re all native English speakers (he can’t say the same for the folks who work the buffet; it seems that they had “won tongs” as a side dish the other day).

Since my life is pretty busy right now, I’ve not been paying very close attention to what’s going on around me; I’m grateful that a bunch of you are keeping me in Grammar Wednesday fodder through this time. Thanks.



Filed under bad grammar, colleagues, out in the real world

3 responses to “Grammar Wednesday

  1. kizzbeth

    Someone needs to send this to Ron White, he loves stupid mistakes.

  2. magicalmysticalteacher

    Those “won tongs” sound rather deadly to me. Best not to eat them, lest they wrap themselves around your tonsils! 🙂

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