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Grammar Wednesday

A consequence of my being a nearly full-time caregiver to my mother is that I’ve not been out in the world much.  As a consequence of that, I’ve not found very many “out in the world” grammar gaffes (though, at Beanie’s school, the sign out front proudly proclaims that “everyday is Earth Day,” but since last week’s GW was about everyday vs. every day (and I couldn’t figure out how to take the picture of the sign without the school’s name in it) I decided to pass).

I did, however, find this on the Chalkboard Manifesto, and it made me smile.  I hope it has the same effect on you.


Happy Wednesday, Everyone!


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Grammar Wednesday

Today’s public grammar gaffe is brought to you by Alan of Success Warrior.  He sent me this last week from his cell phone with a note that the poster was designed by the marketing division where he works, and he’s pretty sure they’re all native English speakers (he can’t say the same for the folks who work the buffet; it seems that they had “won tongs” as a side dish the other day).

Since my life is pretty busy right now, I’ve not been paying very close attention to what’s going on around me; I’m grateful that a bunch of you are keeping me in Grammar Wednesday fodder through this time. Thanks.


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We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming…

Sorry, you guys.  I’ve been more than a little distracted lately and haven’t been paying much attention to this site.  My mother is actively dying (you can read my musings over at The Blue Door – check out the link on the sidebar) and I’ve had little time to think about much else.

As a consequence, I don’t have a Grammar Wednesday, despite the fact that at least two of you have sent (or are currently in the process of sending) me suggestions.  Sorry.

I will attempt to placate your disappointment with news, however; I’ve been offered the job with the charter high school and we’re leaving it that I’ve tentatively accepted.  I still have some hoops to jump through on their side, and I told the director about my current life-and-death situation and that I won’t accept the position if Mom’s still alive in August (which, if I’m being honest with myself, I don’t think will be the case, but still…).  We’re both entirely satisfied that we’re both in iffy territory, so it’s all good.  I’ll tell you more when I’ve got more to tell.

Thanks for your patience….


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