Grammar Wednesday

Still no word on the charter school job.  I promise; as soon as I hear something, I’ll toss up a post here, even if I have to do it via my phone.

Here’s today’s Grammar Wednesday puzzle.  Can you tell me what’s wrong with this picture?


I stumped a couple of former students with it yesterday, but I suspect this is going to be easy for you.

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!



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12 responses to “Grammar Wednesday

  1. Not stumped at all. I could do this every day.

  2. kizz beat me to it, but i saw it too. i feel like i read that mistake almost every day when i’m grading papers…

  3. What’s so odd to me about my grasp of grammar is that I can tell when things are wrong, but I can’t always explain the rule itself. I can give examples of correct and incorrect usage, but if pressed to summarize the rule, I would struggle.

    I must have missed the “concise explanation of grammar rules” day in school.

  4. drtombibey


    I worry about possible errors every day. So far, so good. Come visit. I mentioned you on my blog today, and I think you would have significant insight on the topic.

    Dr. B

  5. This is just an everyday mistake that one can read almost every day.

  6. Laurie B

    Today, the local press has offered the headline “Two dead bodies found in river”……uhhm, what other kind of bodies are there.?

    On other fronts, the local police report has a report of an “erratic car” on Anyname Street. I guess they are quite sure that it wasn’t the driver that was erratic, only the car was.

    All this gves us a reason to fume and/or to laugh.
    It depends on the day but I make enough of my own mistakes to do anything but laugh at most of the typos and mis-uses I do see.


    whats the answer? Thanks


    just checking the notifictaiopn box here if you answer; thanks

  9. The answer, Sharon, is that “everyday” (one word) and “every day” (two words) convey two different ideas.

    One word – everyday – is an adjective that denotes something of common use; “everyday clothes and school clothes,” for example, or “the good china vs. the everyday dishes.”

    Every day – two words – is a construction we use to describe a frequency; “I blog every day,” or “the same man walks his dog by my house every day.”

    I’m pretty sure the 99 sign people had enough space to separate the words, I’m just not sure they knew they needed to, and THAT’S why I’m picking on them….

  10. SHARON Z

    I thought that was it! LOL . Yay I was right! Thank you for answering. I like your grammar Wednesady and will be following. My prayers for your mom and your family; I went thru a similar thing with my Dad.

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