Guess what I’M doing this morning.  Yep, that’s right, boys and girls; Mrs. Chili is going on a job interview.  I’ve put on nice capri trousers and a pretty sleeveless sweater (with a jacket, of course) and I’m even considering mascara (those of you who know me in real life know that make-up is only for special occasions.  Really, it’s a wonder I even have the stuff at all…).

The gig is at a charter high school in my town.  I found out about it because the director of the school – her name is Carrie – is the mom of one of Punkin’ Pie’s friends, and the first time we met, about a year ago, we exchanged “what do you do” small talk; when she found out I’m an English teacher, she lit up like a Christmas tree, but nothing ever came of it.  A few weeks ago, we happened to bump into each other on the way out of the girls’ band concert, and Carrie asked me to email her my resume.  I did, she called back, and I’m going in to see her after I put Beanie on the bus this morning.

I’m not at all nervous.  I think I WILL be, though, if I get offered the job.  I’m not sure where my priorities should be; I’ve not really thought through the possibililty that I could actually be in the running for this position.  I’m not going to get ahead of myself, though; I’ll go in and talk to Carrie and wait and see what happens (though I probably WILL call Tom this afternoon to find out what my L.U. schedule is likely to be this fall; I’d like to have that information in hand if and before Carrie offers me a position).

And away we go!



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4 responses to “Interview

  1. Organic Mama

    What a fantastic opportunity!! I bet you’ll be fabulous. Call me, NOW!

  2. Best of luck! Let us know how it went asap!

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