Grammar Wednesday

… two days early.

I COULDN’T wait to post this.

Here’s the scene; I’m at the computer waiting for the oven to beep telling me that the brownies are done, the girls are busy trying to move the huge box that the grill came in up to their room so they can turn it into a fort, and Mr. Chili is watching Pardon the Interruption on the TiVo.

“Babe!’ he yells, “you’ve GOTTA come in and see this!”

I come around the corner to see Tony and Mike telling us that the Washington Nationals baseball team sent out all their players in MISSPELLED UNIFORMS.  Observe:


Tony was incensed; he wants someone fired over it.  I think he’s right.

The question is, though, WHO gets fired?  How many people saw these things before they went out (on television and in front of who knows how many spectators) on the field?  Did the uniform company not catch it?  How about the manager?  One of the players?  The number of times this could have (SHOULD HAVE!) been caught – and wasn’t – is boggling my imagination.




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17 responses to “Grammar Wednesday

  1. Ok….So you are a PTI person. I do love you. Second: This sounds like an episode from Seinfield.

  2. This is amazing. And not in a good way.

  3. I want there to be an excusable explanation like the O is under the button flap or something. I mean, I know that’s a. not true and b. no excuse but oh lord, please let there be a decent reason for this dumbassery.

  4. Ha ha ha. Now, that is funny. And, in the nation’s capitol, no less. Go Nats!

  5. Lily, it’s almost – but not quite – unbelievable.

    Carson, I am a WICKED PTI person. I ADORE that show, even if I don’t give a damn about what they’re talking about (hockey? Really?). Kornheiser is a riot, and I think that Wilbon is brilliant; I even use one of his columns in my classes (I wish I could figure out how to subscribe to the thing…).

    On the other hand, I think I only saw about six complete episodes of Seinfeld, but I get your point. Public displays of ignorance just make my teeth ache, and it rarely gets more public than in major league baseball fields, you know?

    Oh, and I love you, too.

    Kelly, what’ll REALLY be amazing is if they keep the uniforms.

    Kizz, one of the things that teaching has taught ME is that there really is no limit to the scope of possible dumbassery, public or otherwise.

    Seester, I was going to try to give this a political spin, but I didn’t really think it needed much help; the symbolism is profound, no?

  6. sphyrnatude

    lets see… a bunch of jocks who ‘earned’ their university/college degrees by playing baseball. And we’re surprised at this?

    yeah, I know, there are a ton of OTHER people that should have caught this, but hey, we’re talking sports here……

  7. sphyrnatude – way to be cynical and judgmental. If you want, I can start posting similar stories about mistakes teachers have made…Would that surprise you?

  8. HiTeach

    It is obvious what happened…one person sewed the NATI side of the shirt and another sewed the NALS side. The shirts were assembled and shipped. When the uniforms arrived…the team did not have any other shirts to wear…so they just wore those until the new fixed ones arrive. They will probably make a fortune selling them on ebay or to sports collectors. Either that or all the O’s in Washington DC have been used up creating Obama stuff.

  9. sphyrnatude

    Yes, I am cynical – and proud of it.

    Yes, I am painting with a broad brush. However, the brush is based on many years of experience dealing with athletes in academic environments, and it is an accurate generalization that the vast majority of them couldn’t pass the courses they are given the credit for. Most of them do not have the academic credentials to even be accepted into the colleges and universities that they ‘attend’.

    Yes, there are exceptions – there always are.

  10. “All the O’s in Washington DC have been used up creating Obama stuff.”

    Love it!

  11. Organic Mama

    Honestly, it’s a beautiful example of the PRESSING need for people with enough education and proofreading ability to be consulted at every level. This is on the one hand utterly hysterical and bloody tragic.

  12. I suppose they aren’t in the capitol building, they are in the capital city! Hey, there’s a grammar thingy for you.

  13. Cass

    “All the O’s in Washington DC have been used up creating Obama stuff.” HAHAHAHAHA!!! Absolutely!

    I’m HOPING this is the result of products being made in foreign countries!! Please???

  14. magicalmysticalteacher

    Oh, this is bad, really bad (but it makes for a great laugh!).

  15. The O is indeed under the flap in the center, just a little lower. It’s their belly buttons. ;-)~

    And Cass’ comment hoping it’s made in foreign countries makes me laugh. My fellow Americans can’t spell or use proper grammar worth diddly shit. For a good laugh, check out this vid about the Grammar Nazis. It’s impossible to feel sad after you watch this.

  16. I’ve heard (or should I say herd) that baseball players are the Neanderthals of the sports world. Perhaps if the team was named the “Oogs” we’d get the O.


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