Irons in the Fire

As of today, my resume is probably languishing in a charter high school, three area colleges, and the community adult education center in my town.


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I’ve only heard back from one of place, and I’m suspecting it’s an automated “we got your resume” sort of email; there is nothing about it that distinguishes it as being sent by an actual person.

I’m strangely optimistic about my prospects.  I will, as always, keep you all updated as events occur!



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4 responses to “Irons in the Fire

  1. I wish you well in the job search. This is a tough time to be looking, but with your optimistic attitude I suspect you’ll find something that will satisfy your soul as well as your bank account.

  2. I wish I could work with you. How great would that be for me?

  3. Carson, are you KIDDING?! How great would that be for ME?!

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