Grammar Wednesday

This isn’t so much an error, really, as it is funny.

Mr. Chili called me on Monday to tell me that I needed to drive to the middle school, and that I needed to bring my camera.


He had brought Punkin’ Pie to school and was laughing that it looked as though the person who put up the signs for the local church is also the person who’s putting up the signs for the middle school.

We’re not Christians, but we’re very interested in the Scripture according to the holy book of April Vacation (verses 18-16)!



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4 responses to “Grammar Wednesday

  1. I took it as meaning that Spring Break was 8 minutes long. You’d think they could spare a whole 15 minutes and run it from 4:15 to 4:30.

  2. Oh, YEAH! GOOD observation, Alan! I wonder why we, of all people, went straight to scripture?

    Seriously, we need WAY more than 8 minutes. In fact, I know some teachers who are ready to call it a year and break for the summer right now….

  3. M-Dawg

    This sign cracks me up! According to some teachers out there (me included), I’m willing to bet those days will be “holy days” of no “worship (aka school)! :=)

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