Communication SHOULD Go Both Ways, Right?

Stop me if you think I’m wrong, but it seems to me that, given the ease of modern communication systems, it would be the exception rather than the rule that people in professional positions NOT respond promptly to emailed requests or concerns.

TWICE I have sent out emails – properly and politely worded but with no question that prompt action was expected on the part of the receiver – and twice I have received precisely bupkis in return.

Almost two months ago, I sent an email to Punkin’ Pie’s principal (say THAT three times fast!) with my concerns about not being able to reach my child during after school activities, and I’ve not heard a peep from the man, despite the fact that he’s seen me twice at school functions and Punkin’ asked him to get back to me (or, at least, she said she did – I can’t swear that she didn’t chicken out on that one).

Three days ago, I sent a polite and professionally-worded request to the president of TCC asking that the contents of my personnel file be photocopied (I want to have that information as I move forward in my job search), but I’ve not heard anything back from him, either.  I re-sent the email this morning, and cc’d two other folks in the office, just to get the point across that I’m serious about wanting this done sooner rather than later.

It’s impolite and unprofessional to ignore emails, especially if one’s job description includes communicating with employees or parents or constituents.  It’s not terribly difficult (or especially time consuming) to hit the “reply” button and, at the VERY least, zip back an “I got your message and am working on a solution” note.  Even if these people can’t attend to my concerns today, it would at least be nice to know that they received my messages and that I’ve not been completely blown off.



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5 responses to “Communication SHOULD Go Both Ways, Right?

  1. Did you ask PP’sP about the issue when you saw him at the functions? If not you should next time.

    Can you copy the file yourself? Is that under the jurisdiction of one of the secretaries with whom you have a good relationship?

  2. How frustrating! Maybe you can make an appointment to speak with him. Maybe just the act of making an appointment will spur him to call you.

    I’d go up and make copies myself. I’m sure they’ve put it on the backburner.

    Again, frustrating, frustrating, frustrating.

  3. I’m with you on that one. How hard can it really be to say, “I’m thinking about your email and will respond as soon as I have a solution.”? My manager is terrible when it comes to answering emails. Her executive assistant has even told me that Manager will completely ignore an email and not respond if she doesn’t want to deal with whatever the situation is. That’s just wrong – on a lot of levels. How she ever got to be manager is far beyond me.

  4. Our school principal never responds to emails, but I do know she reads and ingests the content. I don’t know what her block is about email, but I just learned to make an appointment – especially if it is an issue about safety like yours. She will also do phone appointments which are pretty convenient.

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