Grammar Wednesday

Again, I’ve been offered Grammar Wednesday GOLD. California Teacher Guy (thank you, Honey!  Keep ’em coming!) emailed me this photo, suggesting that it might be appropriate for a post.


Really? It’s all I can do to restrain myself from commenting about not only the intelligence of the people who produced this decal, but more so on the intelligence of the people who both parted with money to purchase it, and who display it – no doubt proudly – on their vehicles for the world to see. Sigh.

Happy Wednesday, Everyone.



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5 responses to “Grammar Wednesday

  1. kizzbeth

    So what is that about? Are we solving all our economic problems by getting money from the sun now? I’m confused. Maybe it’s in Spanish.

  2. It would be truly funny if the person making this put in the typo on purpose, just to make people look stupid.

  3. You should read some of the satirical essays I received. Not only was this the topic of many, the spelling and grammar blew. Products of their environment.

  4. kizzbeth

    Oh Chatty, I know it’s not funny but that made me laugh so hard!

  5. Hmm, at least I don’t have to see that kind of thing over here! Though to be honest, I had to read the sticker several times to find out what was wrong– a case of the brain seeing what it expects rather than what is really there. (I guess that could apply to the sentiment as well…)

    Of course, once I saw the mistake, it was obvious, and now I can’t make my brain go back and “read” what it thought it did the first time around. Maybe there’s hope?

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