Grammar Wednesday

Don’t you just LOVE these emails?  I seem to be getting more than usual lately; perhaps the scammers are feeling the pinch of the contracting economy?

BMW® HQ Germany Plant:Heidemannstr. 164 DE-80939 MUNCHEN Germany.
From:THE BMW® (UK) Ltd Registered Office:
Ellesfield Avenue, Bracknell,
Berkshire, RG12 8TA.
United Kingdom.

The Board of Directors,Members of staff and the International Awareness Promotion Department of the BMW Automobile Company, Wishes to congratulate you on your success as one of our TEN(10) STAR PRIZE WINNER in this year’s BMW Automobile International Awareness Promotion (IAP) held on Tuesday 10th of March,2009 in Berkshire.

This makes you the proud owner of a brand new BMW 7 Series,730d Sports Saloon car and a cash prize of 750,000.00 GBPs (Seven Hundred and Fifty Thousand Great British pounds).

In order to redeem your prizes contact Mr.Thomas Peters R ,Bmw Claims Manager of the Claims Department with the verification form below duely Filled and sent
through email to:
Mr.Thomas Peters R,
Tel:+44(0) 7031925534.

1.)Full Name: 2.)Current Address: 3.)Country: 4.)Age: 5.)Sex: 6.)Occupation: 7.)Phone Number: 8.)REFERENCE NUMBER:BMW:25515600DS

There’s just so much to mock here.

I forget which of my readers suggested it, but I think s/he’s right; I do have a number of students who might just have a future writing these emails…

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!



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4 responses to “Grammar Wednesday

  1. Not just plain ole regular British pounds but *Great* British pounds. They really know how to make you feel special. Are you going to give visiting bloggers a ride in your new car?

  2. I won the Canadian lottery just the other day!

  3. how do i get a hold of person(s) concerning my big “winnings?”

  4. concerning my big “winnings”, i need to know how to get a hold of person(s) responsible for this.

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