Grammar Wednesday

More bad ad grammar.


My question is this; as opposed to what, exactly?  FAUX sexy?  PRETEND sexy?




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7 responses to “Grammar Wednesday

  1. Shouldn’t it be “realLY” since “real” is being used to modify “sexy,” which is an adjective applied to the bra? So adverb-ize the “real,” would they not need to add -ly?

    It’s a dumb ad in general.

  2. Darci

    How about Honest Sexy…makes me laugh when the copy screws up the message.

  3. The ad may be dumb, but it sure is eye-catching–especially on a teacher’s blog!

  4. Yeah, well, CTG, I’m a real sexy teacher!

    (just so you gals know, I hate the bras; they’re pointy…)

  5. Sexy? Oh, my dear Ms. Chili, I never thought otherwise! 😉

  6. sphyrnatude

    considering the amount of airbrush and post-processing that pic got, “faux” is probably the right one…

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