Grammar Wednesday

I almost forgot what day it is!

Our local bagel shop has recently put pictures of the high school varsity teams on the wall.  CLEARLY, someone doesn’t understand the use of the plural possessive, because the pictures (which I’m unable, for some unknown reason, to get off my phone and into my computer… sorry) all say “BOY’S JR. VARSITY BASEBALL” or “GIRL’S VARSITY SOCCER.”  I’ve considered calling the school and pointing the error out, but I’m not really sure it’s worth it.  I might just leave a sticky note on one of the pictures the next time I’m in the shop.

Oh, and that seafood restaurant you’ll be reading about tomorrow on The Blue Door?  Check this out from the “menu” section of their website:

Salad’s, Lighter Fare & Desserts

Um… not so much. This is an example of a GOOD correction, though; I emailed the place to warn them of my seafood allergy (what kind of asshole goes to a seafood restaurant with a seafood allergy, anyway?!). While I was at it, I gently suggested that they contact their webmaster and point out the error. The manager wrote me back to assure me that they would do their best not to kill me, and;

As to the webmaster? He would be me, and all I can say is “oops.” Thanks for the catch.

See? Not everyone takes offense when the grammar police issue a citation…



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3 responses to “Grammar Wednesday

  1. No, of course not everyone does. In a non-face-to-face interaction with the person who actually DOES the writing it makes perfect sense that the interaction would be lovely (and thank god because “salad’s” if their salad can possess something I don’t want to eat it). Calling the rank and file out for the company’s grammatical errors is different, I think. Am I crazy to make that distinction?

  2. Oh yeah?
    any chance he did poison you?
    It could be a mild stomach thing you know


  3. My boss wrote auto’s on an official sort of document that I have to keep information on. Every time I look at it my eye twitches.

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