Twice in One Day

We never really know, as teachers, how much of an effect we have on our students, though sometimes they give us hints about how much we meant to them.

I heard from two students from last term at Local U. yesterday – and each of them was from a different class.  Evan sent me a text message that went like this:

Chili!  I’m studying rhetoric.

Ooooh!  One of my favorite topics!  Spill!

Um, I’m taking persuasive writing and I’m reading a book on rhetoric but it’s tough reading, haha

Oh, I bet.  Can I help?

Prob not at the moment, but I’m sure that later in the semester.  I thought you’d like to hear I’m taking the class, though.

I’m jazzed by it, Evan.  Keep me in mind if I can help!

How cool is that?  I was touched that he thought to tell me – to brag, actually – that he’s engaged in “my” field.  What fun!

I also got an email from Lia last night.  She chimed in to warn me about a virus that’s designed to infect Macs.  Lia regularly gave me a hard time in class about being a “crunchy Mac person,” to which I responded that I was okay with that label, not only because it was true – well, not the “crunchy” part, but the Mac person part – and that we Mac people don’t suffer the same virus attacks as PC people do.  She was emailing to set me straight.  How did she sign her letter?  “Love, Lia – your favorite pain in the ass”

Goddess, I love my job!



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4 responses to “Twice in One Day

  1. It’s the students, no matter their age, who make this job worthwhile!

  2. I just emailed my SON’S writing/grammar teacher from last year to thank her for teaching him how to do a research paper. I didn’t want to do it while he was in the class (so as not to be confused with butt-kissing). Then it slipped my mind; I finally remembered.

  3. I am all about my students. Most are shocked, but give me them and remove the rest and i will show you a happy me.

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