Here’s one of those things that, if it hadn’t actually happened to me, I wouldn’t have believed it.

I received this email from one of my students on Monday:

I have to work tomorrow night and I will not be able to watch the Inaugural Speech and I don’t know anyone that has access of taping it or anything. Do you have any suggestions on how I can still get the assignment done? If you could get back to me as soon as possible I appreciate it 🙂 Thank You, Carl.

Obama Inauguration

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Carl, REALLY?!  Are you SERIOUS?  First of all, Carl, the address was delivered around lunch time; if you didn’t have to work until the evening, you should have been able to see the damned thing on – oh, I don’t know –  EVERY SINGLE CHANNEL.  The fact that you’re emailing me would indicate that you have, you know, ELECTRICITY – internet, even.  I’m certain that, with a minimum of effort, you can find Obama’s speech.  Hell, I picked up a copy of the free town newspaper, and they’ve got a full-page spread of the text of the address.  Did you try YouTube?  How about  OH!  I KNOW!  The White House web page.  American Rhetoric?  Have I offered you enough choices?

I sent him back a terse and no-so-polite email basically telling him that I was going to offer him the opportunity to figure this one out on his own and that, if he got REALLY stuck, he should email me back.



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5 responses to “REALLY!?

  1. He wha–? The only way he could not have had access to that speech at any time before he headed to work would be if he found a rock and crawled under it.

    I take it that he did not get back to you?

  2. tartty

    That made me laugh. Interesting blog. Hope you don’t mind me linking you up…

  3. drtombibey

    Now chili, maybe the boy lives on Mars and is a commuter.

    Dr. B

  4. Hey, this popped up on this morning, and I thought of your class.

    How did the assignment go?

  5. Funny thing is, I bet the poor chap thought he was being responsible and proactive. Probably thought you’d pat him on the behind for his efforts.

    Good luck with that kid, Chili.

    Don’t you wish that once, just once, you could come with something along the lines of, “Carl, you’re a dipshit. Do us both a favor and drop my class now.”

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