Grammar Wednesday

Grammar Wednesday is back on!  I don’t have much for today, though; if you’ve got a nagging grammar question, or you see something grammatically questionable, please send it in.  I very happily take questions and suggestions at mrschili at comcast dot net.

I saw this a few weeks ago when O’Mama and I were in our local IKEA.


Just because you say it that way, doesn’t mean it’s spelled that way… and that comma is unnecessary…



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5 responses to “Grammar Wednesday


    OK, niggling grammar question is this:

    “on accident” “on instinct”

    I always thought using these was a sign of poor grammar (and frankly, poor education, I know, I’m a snob, I apologize) but I recently saw the latter used by someone who professes to be an editor of language in many forums. Please clarify/tell me I am right.

  2. Sooza

    That sign is just FULL of fodder — draws, ect, commas and all!

  3. John

    Grammar Girl mentions a study that finds that “on accident” is common among Americans under 35, but most older Americans say “by accident”. So it’s an age-related variation.

  4. Even sadder is the fact that the word “drawer” is spelled correctly in the name, but incorrectly in the description. *sigh* All they had to do was copy it from one place to another.

  5. Dudley

    Where I live, many people, when feeling ill, will say “I’m sick on my stomach.”

    I always thought it was “sick TO my stomach.”

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