I’ve managed to get to the bottom of all my Local U. classes’ final essays.  I’ve still got to enter grades for the presentations my TCC lit. kids did, but the assessment piece is all done.  Once I deliver my grades to TCC’s office (I submitted LU grades electronically), I’m DONE.

This has probably been my best semester ever.  I had a great bunch of kids (with precisely three exceptions) and I had a wonderful time with them.  I am far more confident now than I was when I started the LU semester; having taught only in a small (VERY small) community college left me feeling a little inadequate for  a “real” university environment, but I think I did better than hold my own.  My LU boss agrees and has asked me to return in the fall.  I’m already looking forward to it.

Joe asked me to come back to TCC in January to teach a traditional-format public speaking class.  I was pleased and surprised by the offer.  TCC is closing in ’09 and I was pretty sure that I was teaching my last semester there; the place is practically a ghost town and I wouldn’t have been surprised if there weren’t enough students to constitute a class.  I’m glad to have a job in the spring, though, so I’m not complaining at all.

I’m going to enjoy my break.  The holidays are shaping up to be lovely and mostly stress-free.  I’ve taught public speaking before and am excited to have one more opportunity to investigate some of my favorite speeches and essays (and the Chili family is going to Obama’s inauguration in January, which will be exciting both personally and professionally).  I’m going to work on updating my CV so that I can carpet-bomb the neighborhood in the hopes of finding a fairly regular position in a college environment around here.  More than anything else, though, I’m going to relax, regroup, and keep thinking.  I love teaching, and this semester was just further reinforcement that I’m doing exactly what I was meant to do.



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3 responses to “And… BREAK!

  1. Congratulations, Chili! It’s always good to hear that things are going well for a colleague, especially one as deserving as you! Yay you!

  2. So glad you had a wonderful year. I hope your break is peaceful, restful, and relaxing.

  3. I’m glad you have a job, too. It’s always unnerving to be staring unemployment in the face. You were meant to teach, and I’m sure your “carpet-bombing” of the neighborhood will yield positive results. Best of luck!

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