I Wish I Could Say This Was Funny

I received a text message from one of my TCC students at ten minutes to nine this evening.

“How much of the story do we have to read?”

The student is asking about A Christmas Carol, which has been on the syllabus since the first day of class and was assigned to them last Monday.  We’re discussing it tomorrow.

My reply?

“All of it.”




Filed under concerns, dumbassery, failure, frustrations, Literature, reading, Teaching, Yikes!

3 responses to “I Wish I Could Say This Was Funny

  1. After all this time you’ve been teaching – especially at TCC – and all the time you’ve known Bowyer and other teachers, this student’s question is remarkable to you why?

  2. Organic Mama

    At least she didn’t ask you to define “read.”

  3. Oh my. I always think that I will not be surprised by what students say or do and at least once a week that theory is shot to bits.

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