You Don’t Get It, Do You?

My chin-scratcher turned in his “paper” the other day (and yes; the quotation marks are deliberate).  After procrastinating – for perhaps far too long – about what he was going to use for a topic, he decided that the expedient thing to do would be to cut-and-paste his three page paper from four different sources.

Now, here’s the thing; he did not plagiarize.  Everything he’s got in there is properly cited.  The problem is that I doubt there are a dozen words in there that are actually his own.


I’m putting a zero on the paper and scheduling a conference with the boy and, perhaps, my boss.  The point of this exercise was to get the students to focus on analysis and critical thinking, and Chin-Scratcher did neither.  What’s more is that I don’t think it occurs to him that he did anything wrong.


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One response to “You Don’t Get It, Do You?

  1. I had a parent email today because his child failed his research paper. Parent felt it important to tell me what ibid means, since I put a question mark on the paper. Problem is, Dad typed the paper, cited all the sources and wanted to know why he, I mean his kid failed the paper. I told the pompous SOB that I know what ibid is, but the kids don’t…not for the first research paper which was for skill first. It’s a B level class for G*d’s sake. I told the father that in the future I ask he NOT type his kid’s paper. It interferes with my writing process and it’s CHEATING. I am so over this crap, I tell you….

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