Fortunately, the Pats Played on Thursday Night

Otherwise, this would be me…


I’ve still got about a third of my students’ essays to finish assessing.  The kids have definitely improved their writing skills since the first assignment, but I can tell we’ve still got some work to do between now and the end of the term…



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3 responses to “Fortunately, the Pats Played on Thursday Night

  1. Remember the story I told you back on Bowyer’s b-day about the kid and the Red Sox playoff game… ?


  2. Miss G

    Regarding Friday-morning hangovers:

    At least at the UW, Thursday nights in the Greek community (and in the community of people who aren’t Greek but enjoy drinking their beer) are known as “Thirsty Thursdays”. AKA: Let’s-Start-the-Weekend-Early-and-Go-Get-Hammered Thursdays.

  3. SEE, Miss G; that’s what they call it at L.U., too – “Thirsty Thursdays.” I still don’t get it, though (beyond the cute alliteration); none of my kids is old enough to drink and, besides, why do they create their own personal hell for Friday mornings? Maybe I’m just getting old….

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