Grammar Wednesday

Grammar Wednesday is taking a break this week.  I’m neck-deep in analysis papers and I’m single parenting and, to be honest with you, Wednesday just slipped my mind (I tend to get a little confused when there’s a holiday – my whole schedule shifts forward and I forget what day it really is).
Kizz sent this to me yesterday.  She stumbled across it somewhere and found it too funny not to share.

This is not even appropriate for Grammar Wed fodder but it’s so hilariously Archie Bunker that I could not help sharing. Better than creek where it should have been creak. Better than my allowed for aloud. Better than anything out of place I’ve read or written this week.

” He had a backpack slung vicariously on one shoulder”

It’s not even correctable it’s just a complete misunderstanding. Unfortunately I have NO CLUE what she thinks vicariously means.

So, what do you think?  Was the writer going for something like “jauntily” or “rakishly” or even “casually”?  I’m with Kizz – it could be anything

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!



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6 responses to “Grammar Wednesday

  1. Suzanne

    Precariously, perhaps?

    I had a friend who referred to a particularly prolific plant in her garden as “evasive”. Which still cracks me up — I keep picture a plant moving from spot to spot, trying to avoid confronting the pesky human.

  2. The evasive plant makes me laugh.

    For anyone who knows or cares the character with the backpack was Dick Casablancas from Veronica Mars.

  3. Amy

    Mrs. Chili – sorry, this isn’t really a comment (though I love everything your write), but I’m hoping you can help me get to californiateacherguy’s blog. He’s gone to invitation-only (rightly so, given recent events), and don’t have his email address to ask for an invite. Do you have an email for him? THANKS!
    ~Amy (

  4. Definitely precariously. I know because I used to confuse the words myself, way back when.

    I am also wondering if you can give me californiateacherguy’s e-mail address (or give him mine). I had it a while back, but I can’t seem to find it … not sure why.


  5. drtombibey

    Mercy chili! You have a job on your hands.

    Dr. B

  6. kat

    definitely precariously. it works, though, doesn’t it? like my three-year-old’s “chompsticks” for “chopsticks.”

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