Things That Make Me Go “Wha…?”

I’m listening to NPR on my way home from class this morning, and there’s some senator or other talking about the financial free-fall that our economy seems to be taking, when he says:

The government’s intention is to go in there with a quantity of liquidity and securitize those assets.

Securitize?!  Is that even a WORD?!  Ignoring, for a moment, that I personally think it’s a bad idea, on a colossal scale, for the government to employ public money to save private firms (and keeping in mind here that, while we’re bailing out unethical banking and insurance institutions, we’ve still got a quantity of people in need of federal disaster relief years after their disasters), this administration needs to stop making new words up.  It just makes them sound dumb.

Oh…. wait….



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7 responses to “Things That Make Me Go “Wha…?”

  1. the OED has citations for “securitize” from 1981.

  2. I’m thinking secure would work just as well (better?) in that sentence than securitize.

  3. here are the OED’s definitions
    securitize – trans. To convert (assets, esp. loans) into securities, usu. for the purpose of raising capital by selling them to other investors.

    There is no such definition for “secure”. The closest are

    e. To make (something) secure, certain, or reliable. Now only with reference to a prospective possession or result of action: ‘To place beyond hazard’ (J.), to ensure.

    f. To make the tenure of (a property, office, privilege, etc.) secure to a person.

    g. To make (a creditor) certain of receiving payment by means of a mortgage, bond, pledge, or the like.

    h. To make the payment of (a debt, pension, etc.) certain by a mortgage or charge upon certain property.

    Without more context, it’s hard to know which word would be more appropriate, but there is certainly room in the world for “securitize”.

  4. “It makes them sound dumb.”

    Ahem . . .

    If it looks like a duck, and it sounds like a duck, and it acts like a duck . . .

    Um . . . maybe they ARE dumb.

    The more I observe many of our government’s decisions, the more I am coming to that conclusion.


  5. In a way, I almost love some made up words. I know I shouldn’t because it’s just plain BAD! Every now and then, they make my head turn like whiplash. The other day, I was on a shipping site tracking a package. Guess where it was? In the sortification facility. Overcomplexitizing our language = fun for generations to come.

  6. …but if it saves jobs for the average person and not the rich guy in the posh office, I am ok with it.

  7. I don’t think I am allowed to judge your government, living abroad and all, but I do agree with Chris 😉

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