My Kind of Math

Tonks is taking calculus and, as a consequence, is calling Mr. Chili fairly regularly for help with her homework (Bowyer freely admits that he’s not familiar with calculus).  I love listening to my husband’s half of those conversations; it’s as if he’s speaking an entirely different language.  I suppose, in a very real way, he is.

A philosophy professor in my building likes to post funny things on her office door. This morning, there were a bunch of pictures and the title “how to fail a test with style.”  This was my favorite example:

That would have been MY answer….



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17 responses to “My Kind of Math

  1. oh, but x is 5! it’s the pythagorean theorem.

    I am a nerd.

  2. Clearly, DallasBlue. I am also a nerd, but of an entirely different sort.

  3. That cracks me up everytime I see it. There was a whole set floating around for a while that were good. Wish I still had it.

  4. That is awesome! Especially since I am beginning to fret about the algebra class I am going to have to take soon.

  5. And why did I have to fill in the name, mail, and website info? Why didn’t your blog recognize me???

  6. Auntie

    Never mind. Somehow I got logged out. Duh!

  7. That is f*cking hysterical!!!

    I want mo! Show me mo!

  8. You got math questions ask me 🙂 The missus is a math teacher. She is pretty smart about this crap, probably why I married her.


  9. T.V., I freely admit that part of why I married Mr. Chili is so that he’d figure tips for me…

  10. Nancy, THAT is a riot! I’m bookmarking that site; thanks for pointing it out!

  11. That is SO hilarious! I wish I had thought of that when I was in highschool, flunking math test after math test, even though I studied really hard…

  12. Awwww…no fair! If we math teachers have to be able to write well, you English folk should have to do math! 🙂 j/k I had a whole bunch of those test/quiz answers at one time. They’re all so funny!

  13. I’m telling you; if I had to take a math test to be an English teacher, the world would be short an instructor right now. My sixth grader is coming home with stuff I don’t remember how to do. Seriously; I jettisoned those brain cells after I passed the (required) classes by the proverbial skin of the teeth.

    I’m not as bad as I claim to be – I really CAN figure tips and sale prices – but I will freely admit that I couldn’t have solved for X.

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