Punkin’, Your Teacher Needs to Meet Me

Punkin’ Pie came home this weekend with a folder full of work she’d done the week before.  There’s a sheet stapled to the front that her dad or I sign and send back, telling the teacher that we’ve seen said work.  Simple enough.

This week, she came back with an English test that asked her to decide what type of sentence was being offered.  Sixteen sentences without punctuation were listed on the page, and Punkin’ had to decide if they were imperative, declarative, interrogative or exclamatory and then punctuate them accordingly.

She got all but one right.  Number 7 was:

Do you have any idea what this item costs

The teacher, I’m sure, was going for a question mark and an answer of “interrogative,” but no!  MY daughter put an exclamation point on the end of it and called it exclamatory.

Gee – I wonder how she came up with THAT?!  I’m tempted to send in a note to her teacher taking the blame for that “error.”

When I told O’Mama this story, she burst into fits of snorting laughter and said “the teacher needs to meet you, then she’ll understand everything.”

I think my friend is right.  I think my daughter is doomed.



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6 responses to “Punkin’, Your Teacher Needs to Meet Me

  1. drtombibey


    Once my boy came home with his report card. It was all “A’s,” but he made a “B” in writing.

    “Son, I said.” I’m real proud of you. If you’ll work on that writing you can make all “A’s.”

    “But Dad,” he protested. “I don’t want to do school writing. I want to do hospital writing like you.”

    I had no futher criticism to offer.

    Dr. B

  2. Auntie

    If she had written; “Do you have any idea what this item costs! WTF?” she probably would have been ok.

  3. oohhh. bad question! Every, and I mean every time that phrase comes out of somebody’s mouth in my house it’s exclamatory. . . usually followed by not-school-appropriate interjections. Poor kid had no chance with that one.

  4. This is too funny – my daughter did the exact same thing on her grammar quiz this week. It was a different phrase, but similar in tone and idea.

  5. They should have a punctuate-like-your-mommy assignment. There would be a ton of !!! and ?!?! on mine.

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